October 5, 2023

HUDU Academy Offers Gig Workers Growth Opportunities

HUDU exists to empower DO-ers to live well and dream big! We believe hard-working individuals should be able to make money on their own terms; our platform supports this mission by offering paid projects, opportunities for career advancement, and benefits like paid vacation. 

What is HUDU Academy? 

HUDU Academy is the gateway for HUDU’s DO-ers to learn skills to complete more projects to the highest degree of excellence. Microcourses like Lawncare 101, Vehicle Detailing 101, Crafting a Winning Bid, and Professionalism in the Trades take less than 10 minutes and offer our newer DO-ers opportunities to expand their skills and earn more projects!

Why Use HUDU Academy?

Earning competency badges from HUDU Academy signifies to LIST-ers that you have invested time and energy into maximizing your value to the HUDU community. Completing courses is one of the first steps to establishing trust between you and the greater HUDU community.

What does HUDU Academy Mean? 

HUDU’s mission is to empower side hustlers and lead the gig work revolution. Doing this right means that our users will have more agency and greater opportunities every time they use the platform. Our new learning platform uses knowledge checks and competency badges to mark their progress and expand their options. 

Want to learn more about HUDU? 

To learn more about HUDU, download the app or start a conversation with our User Experience Team by submitting a ticket at support.heyhudu.com