October 2, 2023

Our Story – HUDU and the Gig Work Revolution

HUDU is here to change the gig economy forever by focusing on DO-ers.

Our Founder and CEO

Derreck Stratton is our founder and CEO. He is a combat veteran, a single father of three, and a relentlessly hard worker. Raised by a strong and resilient mother, Derreck learned firsthand about determination and grit as she worked three jobs to provide for him and his two sisters

In 2003, an 18-year-old Derreck became Airman Stratton for the United States Airforce. By 2008, Senior Airman Stratton was deployed to the Iraqi Theater, where time on the battlefield was inevitable. While in the reserves, he ventured into entrepreneurship, founding a remarkably successful demolition company. Honoring his mother’s hustler attitude, Derreck then turned his attention to demolishing the limitations of the current gig economy. His bulldozer was HUDU!

When HUDU was just an idea, Derreck began his research by signing up as a worker for all of the established gig economy apps. He quickly realized that it was time for a different approach; it was time to put the DO-er first! With the profits from his first venture, HUDU was seeded to be more than a platform. It’s a movement! 

Our Mission

It should be easy for hard workers to make money on the side. HUDU firmly believes in empowering DO-ers to live well and dream big. We’re forging a fair and supportive ecosystem where hard work thrives. Under Derreck’s visionary leadership, HUDU has become a marketplace of boundless opportunities where DO-ers and LIST-ers alike find success. 

Discover a gig economy where fairness, support, and empowerment are at the core of every endeavor. This is the DO-er-driven ecosystem. This is HUDU. 

Want to learn more about HUDU? 

To learn more about HUDU, download the app or start a conversation with our User Experience Team by submitting a ticket at heyhudu.com/support.