October 5, 2023

Find a Side Hustle in Des Moines

Are you looking for a way to earn extra money in Des Moines? With dozens of opportunities for gig work, like driving for Uber, walking for Rover, or temp working in warehouses, there is finally an option that empowers you to control your hours, wages, and projects! HUDU is changing the way the world works by giving hardworking DO-ers the opportunity to earn extra income and access life-changing benefits. 

Download the HUDU App

HUDU is the simple way to side hustle. Open the HUDU app to explore projects on your community’s to-do lists. DO-ers experienced in photography, tailoring, tree trimming, and auto detailing can find plenty of projects to complete and get paid immediately. Other projects include furniture assembly, pet care, house cleaning, electrical work, gardening, and much more; if it’s legal, you can LIST it!

How much do DO-ers earn on HUDU?

HUDU’s DO-ers are paid by the project. To determine the price of the service, DO-ers bid against other users to be awarded the job. LIST-ers do not have to choose the lowest bidder; they may go with the DO-er who has the best availability, experience, or reviews. That means side hustlers can develop strong reputations within a massive ecosystem of LIST-ers and DO-ers.

How do DO-ers get started on HUDU?

Getting started on HUDU is as easy as downloading the app and setting up your payment information through Stripe Express. Once your profile is set up, you can start bidding on projects that interest you the most. If one of your bids is awarded by a LIST-er, you’ll communicate with them on the app to create a project plan and get the job DONE! As soon as you finish, the LIST-er will release the funds right into your bank account. 

Check out the Quickstart Guide to Becoming a DO-er page on HUDU’s Knowledge Base. 

Does HUDU offer gig workers benefits?

As the gig economy booms, it’s clear that it is not focused on benefitting the lives of people who do the work. HUDU is working to lead the gig work revolution to empower the 16.4% of Americans side hustling today, and the 50%+ that will be side hustling by 2027. One way to do that is to offer DO-ers paid vacation, education, and micro-insurance. You can start a side hustle in Des Moines

Want to learn more about HUDU? 

Want to find a side hustle in Des Moines? Download HUDU or start a conversation with our User Experience Team by submitting a ticket at support.heyhudu.com

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