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Become a Lister

Becoming a Lister on HUDU is easy! As a Lister, you’ll list projects on HUDU and choose Doers to get them done! When Doers bid on your project, you’ll choose the best option based on qualifications, availability, and rate. Once you’ve chosen your Doer, you’ll submit to payment through Stripe, HUDU’s financial service partner, and…

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Become a Doer

As a Doer, you’ll help Listers get projects done! Doers explore projects listed on HUDU and submit bids. If a Doer’s bid is awarded by the Lister, they’ll complete the job and receive payment through Stripe, HUDU’s financial service partner. Getting Started as a Doer Fill out your profile, bio, location, and payment information…

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Invest in HUDU

At HUDU, a seed investment is about more than money. We are relentlessly dedicated to changing the way the world works.   Visit our Investors Page for more information! Investors Page

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The Process

Getting projects done is easy on HUDU!

Download and Sign Up for HUDU

Download the HUDU app and fill out your personal and payment information. We’re committed to data security, so we lock down your personal information and partner with Stripe Express for secure payments.

List a Project

LIST-ers can put anything on the site; if it’s legal, you can list it!

Include photos and a detailed description of the project you need to have done. Wait a couple of days for interested Doers to make their bids, then check out real ratings and reviews to help you choose the best Doer for your project. 

Bid on a Project

Doers bid on projects they are able to complete. 

If you’re interested in doing a project for someone, make a bid on their listing. Offer details about your experience, qualifications, and availability to stand out. Once you are awarded the project, you can start making money!

Do the Project

Once a project is awarded, it’s time to make a project plan.

Use HUDU’s chat feature to connect with your Lister and make a plan!

Get Paid

Once the project is marked complete, HUDU will release payment to the Doer!