October 5, 2023

What Makes HUDU Different from Thumbtack, Angi, and TaskRabbit?

What is HUDU and how does it compare to other competitive bidding sites like Angi, Thumbtack, Taskrabbit, Fiverr, and Bark? Check out these six reasons that DO-ers and LIST-ers in Iowa prefer HUDU!

1. HUDU provides a DO-er friendly experience

We built HUDU to empower DO-ers to live well and dream big. We’re not chasing profit; we’re working toward a sustained shift in the way opportunities are made available to gig workers. Most gig work available today limits users to performing a single task like delivering food, walking dogs, or cleaning houses. HUDU, on the other hand, brings the community’s needs into one platform where specialized DO-ers can offer customized, right-priced services. We’re changing the way the world works by giving side-hustlers control over their hours, pay, and opportunities. 

2. HUDU isn’t “pay-to-play”

Pay-to-play sites let service providers pay to buy leads and have their services recommended to potential customers. These sites end up becoming filled with providers who underperform and cannot generate recommendations organically. 

HUDU’s approach flips this script and lets a DO-er’s work speak for itself. On the app, LIST-ers publish work opportunities, and DO-ers place a bid to complete it. At the end of the bidding period, LIST-ers choose from the interested DO-ers based on their project completion ratio, star ratings, and reviews from working with real users. 

3. HUDU is 100% local

Some competitive bidding sites offer remote services that claim to serve the entire United States. While working with professionals across the country might work for some projects, HUDU’s 100% local approach means every project completed helps grow and connect a local community of LIST-ers and DO-ers.

4. HUDU uses responsible data handling

Have you ever received an onslaught of junk email from unknown sites after signing up for a service platform? It’s common for large sites to sell user data to the highest bidder to make extra money. 

HUDU prioritizes a positive user experience by protecting your data and being completely transparent about our administrative practices.

5. HUDU doesn’t spam you

Tired of getting daily emails, texts, and phone calls from competitive bidding sites that you only use occasionally? HUDU limits mass email to critical product information and makes notifications customizable to arrive by email, text, or in-app.  

6. HUDU’s service team is human

As a young and growing company, HUDU’s platform isn’t perfect yet. While we are improving user experience with every update we release, our earliest users are encouraged to report bugs and submit honest feedback about what’s working and what’s not. When you call 622HEYHUDU or submit a ticket on heyhudu.com/support, you’ll be paired with a real user experience professional who will work with you to find a solution. 

Want to learn more about HUDU? 

To learn more about HUDU, download the app or start a conversation with our User Experience Team by submitting a ticket at heyhudu.com/support.