October 5, 2023

What’s New on HUDU V2?

The first major update to the HUDU app will launch on October 16th, 2023! Whats new on HUDU v2? Version 2 will still facilitate all the transparency, connection, and ease that you’ve come to expect from HUDU’s platform, but resolve many of the usability hurdles we noticed in the original app. We’re still partnering with the app builder APSY, but the upgrade will have a new look and lots of improved functionality.

Project Categories

Project categories are a major improvement to streamline user experience on the HUDU app. Projects listed on HUDU V2 will go into categories, like design, crafting, yardwork, cleaning, pet care, and more! DO-ers can subscribe to any category that fits their skill set and request notifications for new listings in these areas. Tailoring a DO-ers homepage to feature the projects most relevant to them will bring more qualified bidders to each listing.  

Reassign Projects to Another DO-er

There are rare circumstances in which a DO-er may be unable to complete a project they were awarded. On the current platform, there is no way for a LIST-er to unassign a project and award it to the next best bidder. On the new app, we’ve given LIST-ers permission to award projects to another DO-er rather than deleting the listing and reposting it.  

Automated Background Checks

You’ll feel safe welcoming any DO-er into your home thanks to HUDU’s background check and verification process. Until now, users have been manually verified upon request. In the update, all users will be run through background checks that verify their identity, criminal history, and more. 

Project Completion Ratings

To maintain 100% user satisfaction, our DO-ers need to be reliable. HUDU V2 shows the LIST-er each bidder’s project completion ratio so they can choose a DO-er who is most likely to get the job done!

HUDU Academy and Badges

HUDU’s rating and review process helps give LIST-ers an idea of which DO-ers are most skilled and reliable. However, it can be difficult for new DO-ers to earn projects and gain positive reviews. HUDU Academy allows users to complete courses and earn competency badges that signify they understand best practices and expectations for a variety of project types. 

Referral Program

The power of HUDU is not in the app, it’s in the community! Welcoming high-quality DO-ers and LIST-ers to HUDU is the best way to reach our goal of empowering DO-ers to earn money and live well. HUDU’s new referral program offers benefits to new users and the existing users that recommended them.

English to Spanish Live Translation

To provide the most comprehensive array of projects and services, HUDU welcomes users of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Our automated translation feature allows LIST-ers to partner with the most capable DO-er available, regardless of language barriers. 

Fewer Bugs

Our earliest users have been instrumental in providing initial feedback and reporting bugs they encountered. Collecting and investigating this valuable information allowed us to make the improvements our LIST-ers and DO-ers want to see! As we continue working out bugs in the system, we encourage all of our users to submit support tickets at heyhudu.com/support or call (662) Hey-HUDU to speak with humans on our User Experience Team.

Downloadable Receipts

With downloadable invoices, keeping track of projects and payments will be easier than ever. 

Customizable Notification Settings

Currently, all HUDU notifications are relayed in-app. HUDU V2 will support customizable notification settings to let users get updates via email or text. As before, we’ll never spam your inbox, but options for additional notifications will help LIST-ers and DO-ers stay on top of their projects.

Want to learn more about HUDU? 

To learn more about HUDU, download the app or start a conversation with our User Experience Team!