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Future of the Gig Economy

Discover a new way to work, earn, and thrive. HUDU is expanding and we’re looking for DO-ers like you to lead the charge. Be one of the first in your area to get registered by clicking below.

What is HUDU?

At HUDU, we’re more than just a gig platform – we’re a fundamental shift in the way side hustlers & gig-workers are treated and compensated. We believe in empowering Doers, providing a fair and supportive ecosystem where your skills are valued and your work is rewarded. Our entire ecosystem is built with you in mind, offering tools, resources, and a community to help you succeed.

Meet the Founder

Why Join as a Seed Doer?

  • First-Mover Advantage: Be among the first in your area to join HUDU, setting the stage for early success and reputation building.
  • Empowerment and Recognition: We put Doers first. Your hard work is recognized and rewarded, fostering a community that supports your growth.
  • Paid Vacation Program: Consistent Doers deserve a break. Qualify for our unique Paid Vacation Program and enjoy paid time off – a rare perk in the gig economy.
  • Support and Growth: Access to the HUDU Academy, robust support system, and community engagement to help you grow.

How to Become a Doer

Seed Doer Checklist:

  • Step 1: Fill out the form to join the Seed DO-er program.
  • Step 2: Download the HUDU app and set up your profile.
  • Step 3: Get ready to bid on projects and build your Doer reputation.

Doer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

HUDU is a gig economy platform that connects individuals who need projects completed (LIST-ers) with skilled DO-ers ready to tackle those projects. Think of us as a community that puts DO-ers in the driver’s seat.

We’re a DO-er Driven Ecosystem focused on providing a fair, transparent, and empowering experience. You choose what you do, when you work, and how much you earn.

Simply sign up through our DSC Landing Page, download the HUDU app, complete your profile, and you’re ready to be part of the gig revolution in your area.

As we’re new to your area, projects will start flowing in as we attract Listers. Being a Seed Doerr means you’re ahead of the game as projects begin to post.

While you’re waiting for projects, you can earn through our referral program by inviting others to join HUDU. Plus, you get a head start on building your HUDU reputation.

Anything that’s legal and within your skill set! From Photography to home repairs and tech support to personal training – if you can do it, you can bid on it.

You’re in control. When you bid on a project, you’ll propose a rate that reflects the value of your work and expertise. 

Our users safety, both physically and financially, is our top priority. Both Doers & Listers are able to complete background checks right through the app. While not required, users that have passed background checks will have a badge on their profile.

HUDU Chat offers a safe way to communicate and efficiently get the project completed without exchanging personal data.

HUDU wallet provides a secure payment system that holds funds in escrow until projects are completed to satisfaction, ensuring the Doers get paid and the Listers are having the work completed in a quality manner. 

Ready for a Change?

You have the skills. We have the platform. Together, let’s revolutionize the gig economy! Be a part of something bigger – be a Seed Doer with HUDU.