Meet Our Team

Who is HUDU?

HUDU is made possible by our Listers and Doers, but we also have some highly motivated people working behind the scenes to make HUDU the best it can be!

Derreck Stratton wearing a black HUDU hat and blue HUDU shirt
Derreck Stratton

Founder & CEO/CTO

Eric Plunkett wearing a blue HUDU shirt
Eric Plunkett

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Kentfield

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Seipker wearing a checked blue HUDU shirt
Scott Seipker

Chief Branding Officer

Brett Westrum wearing a blue HUDU shirt
Brett Westrum

Chief Marketing Officer

Lindy Trout Turnis

Director of User Experience

Chris Ranallo

Director of Creative Content

Taylor Douglas

HUDU's Core Values

Give DO-ers Control

It shouldn't be difficult for hardworking people to make money. HUDU's platform gives anyone the opportunity to make extra money doing the work they're great at!

Simplify Life

When life gets stressful, HUDU is the place to go. Whether you have too much on your plate and need to offload, or you're stretched financially and need to make some extra dough, HUDU it!

Grow our Community

Every time we connect a DO-er with a LIST-er, our community gets a little stronger! Our user experience team works hard to ensure HUDUers are trustworthy and reliable.