October 5, 2023

HUDU: Dallas-Fort Worth’s To-Do List Solution

When North Texas residents have too much to do in too little time, they list their projects on HUDU and connect with a DO-er. Getting projects DONE is the main draw to the app, but there is so much more to discover on the HUDU platform. 

What makes HUDU different from Thumbtack, Angi, and Taskrabbit?

What makes HUDU different from competitors is that HUDU is 100% local and totally DO-er driven. Our listing, bidding, and doing processes are streamlined to help connect the most capable DO-ers with the people who need their services. HUDU will never be “pay to play,” and we’re committed to secure data handling.

Who uses HUDU?

People who list projects on HUDU are called LIST-ers, and the people completing the projects are called DO-ers. Our LIST-ers are typically homeowners, small business leaders, pet owners, or people with simply too much on their plates. Our DO-ers are usually skilled workers specializing in moving, construction, cleaning, or making.

Where is HUDU? 

HUDU is launching in DFW on October 16th, 2023, to help side hustlers in Texas earn money and find gig work that fits their specialties! 

HUDU was founded in Des Moines, Iowa, and has been crossing projects off to-do lists since February, 2023.

What kind of projects are on HUDU? 

If it’s legal, you can list it on HUDU! Unlike specialized competitive bidding platforms that only accommodate one type of service – like cleaning or dog-walking, HUDU’s platform is one spot to find all kinds of specialized DO-ers. 

How to use HUDU

HUDU is the simple way to side hustle. Open the HUDU app to explore projects on your community’s to-do lists. DO-ers experienced in photography, tailoring, tree trimming, and auto detailing can find plenty of projects to complete and get paid immediately. Other projects include furniture assembly, pet care, house cleaning, electrical work, gardening, and much more!

Does HUDU save you money? 

HUDU saves users money by facilitating complete cost transparency. On HUDU, DO-ers bid on project listings, and LIST-ers select who they want to work with based on availability, qualifications, and in-app reviews. By the time the project begins, a LIST-er has committed to a total price they are comfortable paying for the project, and DO-ers know how much they’ll make. 

Want to learn more about HUDU? 

To learn more about HUDU, download the app or start a conversation with our User Experience Team by submitting a ticket at support.heyhudu.com