What is HUDU

Leading the Gig Work Revolution

What is HUDU?

HUDU exists to simplify the way people make money. We empower everyday Doers by bringing the projects straight to them.

Whatever skills you bring to the table, there’s a project on HUDU for you to do! 


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Getting Things Done

HUDU do you know who can help me with…

You can spend time asking around for recommendations, or you can let HUDU’s trusted Doers come to you! It’s free and easy to list projects on HUDU, just describe the job, post a photo, and let the bids roll in! 

Building the HUDU community!

Like the sound of gig work reinvented? Download the HUDU app to join the HUDU community as a Doer, Lister, or both!

Why work with HUDU?

Doer Friendly Experience

We built HUDU to empower Doers to live well and dream big. We’re not chasing profit; we’re working toward a sustained shift in the way opportunities are made available to gig workers.

HUDU isn't "Pay to Play"

HUDU is a competitive bidding platform, not a lead generation service. That means Doers never pay to bid on projects, and Listers get recommendations based on real reviews.

100% Local

While working with professionals across the country might work for some projects, HUDU’s 100% local approach means every project completed helps grow and connect a local community of Listers and Doers.

Payment Protection

HUDU's payment protection means that Listers and Doers know the cost of a project before it even starts. We partner with Stripe Express to ensure secure and reliable transactions.

All Skills Welcome

Most gig work limits users to performing a single task like delivering food, walking dogs, or cleaning houses. HUDU brings the community’s needs into one platform where specialized Doers can offer customized, right-priced services.

No Spam

Tired of junk mail? Bigger sites sell user data to the highest bidder. HUDU prioritizes a positive user experience by protecting your data and being completely transparent about our administrative practices.

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Behind the Scenes

HUDU is made up of Doers and Listers, but we have some highly motivated people working behind the scenes to make HUDU the best it can be!

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